Float Package Changelogs

“What’s the Float Package?”
The Float Package is a Onewheel-centric replacement for the stock Balance Package found in VESC FW / VESCTool 6.0, which itself is a port of the original Balance App we are used to. You can find more info on the Float Package and how to upgrade to it here: How to Update to VESC FW 6 / VESC Tool 6

Release Notes

v0.8 - 24-Jan-2023

  • Backup/restore is mandatory, this version is not compatible with previous ones
  • “Fault” menu renamed to “Stop”
  • Simple Start (Posi for engaging only) now toggleable (Off by default)
  • Soft Start toggle - Smoothens startup by ramping in Rate P and Booster
  • Dirty Landings toggle - Adds 10º to Pitch Tolerance for 1 second after disengaging
  • Push Start toggle - Ignores Pitch Tolerance when engaging above 1000 ERPM (~2 mph)
  • Disable Moving Faults toggle - Keeps board engaged (ignoring sensors) as long as the board is rolling forward and not tipped over
  • Negative Variable Tiltback now works properly; requires setting Variable Tiltback Maximum to negative value
  • Input Tiltback now works with Darkride
  • Odometer persistence
  • Float Control support
  • Idle board reminder (buzzer required): after 60min of not riding the board starts beeping; 2 short beeps every minute

v0.6 - 02-Jan-2023

  • APP UI: See when your IMU thinks the board is upside down
  • APP UI: Renamed “FAULT” states to “STOP” states to avoid confusion
  • APP UI: Reorganized layout
  • Config page now called “Float Cfg” so it is consistent with App/Motor Cfg on phones
  • Support for Float Control Custom Shaping
  • 100% compatible with v0.5 configs

v0.5 - 12-Dec-2022

  • ATR Strength now broken up into Uphill / Downhill Strength
  • Torque Tilt Strength now broken up into Accel / Regen Strength
  • Turn Tilt mode removed; now only uses Yaw-Based
  • Rate I removed and PID Tune config reorganized
  • Torque Tilt Current Filter removed; now references ATR Current Filter
  • Float Control compatible (requires Float Control v1.4+)

v0.4 - 12-Dec-2022

  • Mahony KP added to Tune config
  • Float Control App compatibility updates
  • AppUI Screen updates

v0.3 - 8-Dec-2022



So, you make a backup, update archive, download pkg again/update.
restore settings


Yup! Depending on changes to the config across updates, sometimes itll carry over your existing config, no backup necessary, but it’s much better safe than sorry. If you backup and restore after updating, itll fill in everything it can, and any new parameters added in the update will just stay at default.

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  • Float Control compatible (requires Float Control v1.4+)

My version from the App Store is 1.2.5. Is there a beta channel or something?

There’s a Test Flight version that I believe is limited access, not 100% on that. But from what I remember, Dado mentioned that the App Store version should be updated probably over the holidays or after.

Hey nico is there any way to have the buzzer work with duty cycle angle set. It would be nice to use buzzer as a warning before i actually start to Tiltback. I have buzzers installed in both my boards and would love some additional configurations. Thanks in advance

It would be possible yes, though we generally dont recommend using the Buzzer for Duty Cycle alerts, as they generally aren’t very audible at all at speed. Having more configurability over what the buzzer does when could be nice though.

Im also wondering if the total millage is working with float package. It seems to not be working for me but i thought i heard it was carried over from atr24v?

Hi Nico,

at first thanks for the float package!
and how can I update to v0.7 in the vesc app is only v0.6.

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It is not yet released, a Pull Request is submitted to be put on the Package Store but has not been approved by Vedder yet

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