Float Package - Changelogs

“What’s the Float Package?”
The Float Package is a Onewheel-centric replacement for the stock Balance Package found in VESC FW / VESCTool 6.x, which itself is a port of the original Balance App we are used to. You can find more info on the Float Package and how to upgrade here: Float Package: START HERE!

Release Notes

v2.0 - 31-Jan-2024

:warning: MAJOR RELEASE - Backup/Restore is MANDATORY when upgrading from a previous float package

  • LED Support for Thor300, LittleFOCer v4.0, etc (credit: Mitch Lustig)
    • Look for a new LED tab to configure your LEDs
    • New AppUI lights on/off button
  • Haptic Buzz, fully configurable
  • ATR Speed Boost possible range expanded from [0%, 50%] to [-100%, 100%]
  • Current limiting now configurable in specs
    • limit currents for normal riding, keep full max current for steep hills / strong ATR situations
    • continuous current monitoring / beep
  • LCM Support for Floatwheel ADV/Pro (needs matching LCM firmware, see Floatwheel Discord)
    • Note: LED Type needs to be set to External Module from the LEDs tab
    • AppUI has a lights on/off button now
    • Charger awareness (shows charge current/voltage in AppUI)
  • Updated Default Settings: Based on what we’ve learned in the past year, the new defaults should be more appealing to the average user and more beginner friendly. Details below:
    • Pitch/Roll Faults more sensitive at 60/60 instead of 90/90
    • Pitch/Roll Fault Delay at 250ms instead of 1s
    • ADC1/2 faults now 2.0V
    • Half Fault Delay 100ms @ 200 ERPM (vs 250ms @ 300 ERPM)
    • Gentler Startup: pitch tolerance @ 3° and 30°/s startup speed
    • Torque Tilt Regen Strength = 0.1 °/A by default (vs 0) for better brakes
    • ATR Thresholds = 1.5° both ways for reduced ATR effects on streets
    • Tiltback Return Speed is now 1°/s to make tiltback more easily noticeable

v2.0b (Feb-15)

  • Some more LED behavior improvements
  • Eliminate intereference of LED code with other VESC functionality for those that don’t have LEDs
  • Flywheel bugfix - now more boards should easily flywheel out of the box (even without FloatControl)

v2.0c (Mar-1)

  • ATR bugfix: speed boost was disabled entirely whenever it was set to 30% or less

Note: this functionality is not included:

  • BMS Tiltback
    • optional tiltback for BMS alerts from CAN enabled BMS such as XLite
    • optional haptic buzz as well

v1.3 - Oct 1st, 2023

  • Mainly all about Flywheel idiot proofing:
    • we’re no longer setting adc1/2 to 0 during flywheel so for people who feel like they must go into Float Config and hit Write it won’t be quite as bad. Still horrible, but slightly less dangerous.Just remember to disable Flywheel first!
    • Konami code robustness improved. Not quite as easy to accidentally trigger flywheel when carrying your board
    • Bugfix: when reverse stop is enabled flywheel will still work!
  • v1.3b (Dec 15th) - Flywheel bugfix preventing rogue boards using the AppUI buttons, also includes a fix for the wrong ATR strength being applied when riding backwards

v1.2 - July 20th, 2023

  • v1.2b (Aug-10): Floatwheel owners can now set their odometer backwards to remove the 170 miles Tony accidentally added in the memory of some of the early models

  • Hand test mode: new button in the Control tab of AppUI letting you test for correct direction of the motor

  • Flywheel improvements

  • VESC Fault reporting in AppUI RT screen

  • No more mystery beeps: Print last beep reason in AppUI

v1.1 - May 1st, 2023

  • 1c (May 20th) : flywheel bugfix: closed write-config loophole

  • 1b : RateP bugfix

  • Magic Flywheel Mode (via Float Control or from the App UI / Controls tab)

    • Also includes secret Konami code to enable, thanks to Mitch :slight_smile:
    • Note: this is not an exact science, it needs some patience and some finesse - NO GUARANTEES!!
  • AngleP and RateP can now be adjusted specifically for braking by specifying a braking multiplier

    • 1.0 means AngleP/RateP is same for accel/braking
    • 0.9 or less means braking is softer than acceleration (tail softer than nose)
    • 1.1 or more means braking is harsher than acceleration (nose softer than tail)
  • Bugfix for Quicksaves, now also include amp-to-accel-ratios

  • Float Package version number is now shown in AppUI

  • v1.1b includes a fix for RateP brake scaling

  • v1.1c (May 18th) closes a loophole in Flywheel mode, no longer letting you hit “WRITE” in Float Cfg while in Flywheel mode

v1.0 - 12-April-2023

  • FIX: Rate P and Booster are now fixed to be functional when resulting in positive current (Accelerating Forwards and Braking while riding Backwards)
    • Bug was introduced in v0.9, this fix should help with stiffening the nose and keeping it off the ground in aggressive moments
    • Emergency Fix was pushed 13-April-2023; Update the package again if you updated on 12-April-2023!!
  • Mitch added Quicksaves and a Tune Archive to the App UI
    • Quickly save/load Float package configurations and IMU configurations straight from the VESC Tool App!!!
    • Quicksaves are saved to your phone and shared across all boards (Specs valeus are excluded from quicksaves to maintain compatibility across different boards)
    • Access the Tune Archive to try out hand-picked tunes from different riders
  • ATR now has a new threshold angle to keep it off on mellow terrain
    • The threshold angle is the setpoint adjustment angle below which ATR remains off, above that angle threshold is subtracted
    • Example: If accel-threshold is 2 degrees and you’re going up a mellow hill, the ATR setpoint remains 0. If it gets steeper and ATR angle would normally be 3, the threshold will be subtracted from it, so now the ATR setpoint will be 1
    • Separately configurable for Uphill and Downhill
    • Default is 0.5 degrees, so very subtle (I personally like 1.5-2.0 - Dado)
    • ATR Offset is no longer used because the adjustable threshold replaces that adjustability
  • New Surge feature
    • Disabled-by-default
    • Configurable strength (0.5 is good, only add +/- 0.1 at a time!)
    • Configurable start duty cycle (0.88 is default, going higher may be dangerous)
  • Remote Tilt improvements
    • Tilt Smoothing: configure how smoothly tilt speed ramps up/down
    • Increased Max Tilt Angle and Tilt Speed
  • Configurable buzzer features:
    • Foot sensor beep (on by default)
    • Duty beep (off by default)
    • Surge beep (on by default)
  • Softstart is now permanent (aka the jerky start option has been removed)
  • Variable Tiltback now has a minimum ERPM option (default is 0)
  • Turntilt bugfix: less nervous on flat uneven terrain
  • Turntilt variable renamed / reorganized to be more accurate to their function / purpose
    • Yaw Aggregate Target → Turn Aggregate Target
    • Turn Angle Threshold → Turn Aggregate Threshold (and now moved below Turn Aggregate Target)
  • Wheelslip detection is now less sensitive (fewer false positives)
  • Reduced intensity of bonk compensation as it was causing nosedips on uphill bumps
    • Threshold moved from “10” to “15”, aka it needs 50% faster acceleration for it to think your wheel is slipping
  • Bugfixes to braketilt factor and measured acceleration (thank you @izzy!)

v0.9 - 15-Feb-2023

  • Controls section in AppUI lets you use the app as a remote control
  • Remote Throttle - UART/PPM RC movement when disengaged (Remote tab)
  • Float package can now be disabled for doing motor config etc (Specs tab)
  • Separate Brake Booster (OG booster is now for acceleration only)
  • Booster bugfixes
  • Support for negative TurnTilt strength
  • TurnTilt bugfixes
  • Idle buzzer now remains silent while the board is charging (aka voltage is increasing)
  • Darkride pitch offset for nose correction in dark ride mode (Specs tab)
  • BrakeTilt now works with ATR Strengths set to 0
  • Push Start now has 45º Pitch and Roll tolerance to prevent unwanted engagement
  • AppUI improvements

v0.8 - 24-Jan-2023

  • “Fault” menu renamed to “Stop”
  • Simple Start (Posi for engaging only) now toggleable (Off by default)
  • Soft Start toggle - Smoothens startup by ramping in Rate P and Booster
  • Dirty Landings toggle - Adds 10º to Pitch Tolerance for 1 second after disengaging
  • Push Start toggle - Ignores Pitch Tolerance when engaging above 1000 ERPM (~2 mph)
  • Disable Moving Faults toggle - Keeps board engaged (ignoring sensors) as long as the board is rolling forward and not tipped over
  • Negative Variable Tiltback now works properly; requires setting Variable Tiltback Maximum to negative value
  • Input Tiltback now works with Darkride
  • Odometer persistence
  • Float Control support
  • Idle board reminder (buzzer required): after 60min of not riding the board starts beeping; 2 short beeps every minute

v0.6 - 02-Jan-2023

  • APP UI: See when your IMU thinks the board is upside down
  • APP UI: Renamed “FAULT” states to “STOP” states to avoid confusion
  • APP UI: Reorganized layout
  • Config page now called “Float Cfg” so it is consistent with App/Motor Cfg on phones
  • Support for Float Control Custom Shaping
  • 100% compatible with v0.5 configs

v0.5 - 12-Dec-2022

  • ATR Strength now broken up into Uphill / Downhill Strength
  • Torque Tilt Strength now broken up into Accel / Regen Strength
  • Turn Tilt mode removed; now only uses Yaw-Based
  • Rate I removed and PID Tune config reorganized
  • Torque Tilt Current Filter removed; now references ATR Current Filter
  • Float Control compatible (requires Float Control v1.4+)

v0.4 - 12-Dec-2022

  • Mahony KP added to Tune config
  • Float Control App compatibility updates
  • AppUI Screen updates

v0.3 - 8-Dec-2022



So, you make a backup, update archive, download pkg again/update.
restore settings


Yup! Depending on changes to the config across updates, sometimes itll carry over your existing config, no backup necessary, but it’s much better safe than sorry. If you backup and restore after updating, itll fill in everything it can, and any new parameters added in the update will just stay at default.

  • Float Control compatible (requires Float Control v1.4+)

My version from the App Store is 1.2.5. Is there a beta channel or something?

There’s a Test Flight version that I believe is limited access, not 100% on that. But from what I remember, Dado mentioned that the App Store version should be updated probably over the holidays or after.

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Hey nico is there any way to have the buzzer work with duty cycle angle set. It would be nice to use buzzer as a warning before i actually start to Tiltback. I have buzzers installed in both my boards and would love some additional configurations. Thanks in advance

It would be possible yes, though we generally dont recommend using the Buzzer for Duty Cycle alerts, as they generally aren’t very audible at all at speed. Having more configurability over what the buzzer does when could be nice though.

Im also wondering if the total millage is working with float package. It seems to not be working for me but i thought i heard it was carried over from atr24v?

Hi Nico,

at first thanks for the float package!
and how can I update to v0.7 in the vesc app is only v0.6.

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It is not yet released, a Pull Request is submitted to be put on the Package Store but has not been approved by Vedder yet

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@NicoAleman @surfdado I the currently uploaded v1.1 already the final version or still a beta/testing version?

No, let’s give it another week or two. Still a few tweaks coming


Man… It just keeps getting better and moves so fast. Packages really were a huge leap in speeding up the development cycle it seems. I can barely keep up :laughing:

Hey, I tried this update on two VESC, on the first one the magic flywheel is working fine, on the other one it’s going on the wrong side so it’s falling directly.

Input tilt smoothing feels really good. Between that and the rate p fix things are feeling super smooth and stable.

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Been out of the vesc game for 8 months since moving overseas and that amount of change and improvement in that time is outstanding. Hats :tophat: off to you guys, your doing an amazing job.

When a new float package is released, is this in the test flight store first and then gets released later since I can’t see version 1.2 yet?

The latest float package can be accessed from the packages tab of VESC Tool, just hit Update Archive. After that, the info button next to the package lets you know what version is available. Just be sure to backup configs before and restore configs after, both of which should only be done once the package is loaded (AppUI and Float CFG tabs visible). v1.2 is not currently out yet, the latest is v1.1c

I do have a question about the v1.2’s ability to read out buzzer notifications. Does this feature notify about buzzers from CAN connected devices as well? I get buzzer notifications from my Xlite V3 BMS and I have no idea what they mean since I am given no error codes through VESCtool or Float Control to my knowledge. I assume it is either regen related or duty cycle since it usually happens on hard breaking or when nudging, but would love to know for sure.