Float Package - Changelogs

Check out: User guide.pdf - Google Drive
Page 10-11 describes error codes (not sure how up to date this is though.) I hear these also from my xlite V3 and to be honest, I’ve not yet pinned down what they are (not put in too much effort) as it’s hard to count the beeps while riding. I often hear them just after I get underway, just cruising at around 10mph. I’m not aware that the VESC will pick up on these via Canbus but I really don’t know enough about it.

Hi Nico, or anyone else who can help,

I developed an led controller using a PCA9685 chip using I2C-Bus for communication.

lib_pca9685 is the driver written in lisp.

GitLitApp is the vesc_pkg containing led balance controller written in lisp and ui.qml for AppUi.

I have to load a modified version of the FloatUi.qml containing an additional tabButton in the model and a columnLayout for my controls i.e. on/off, dimming. This is because as a separate pkg it will overwrite the float appui.

Is it possible to import the qml from lisp which will just insert a tabButton into the float tabBar model and append a page to the float stacklayout?

I know the floatUi architecture for the tabBar will have to be changed to handle this using ObjectModel instead of TabButton but im not sure if the lisp Import will handle the dynamic loading of a qml correctly and target the float AppUi or if it will always erase and upload.

I can send you code samples and build details if it helps. Let me know.


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afaik right now only a single package/lisp can be loaded at a time - so your best bet is just to fork your own version of the Float package for the time being

This kind of question would be best asked in the official VESC Discord

Now that I know about the Discord and checked it out I agree. Far more appropriate channel. Thanks for the tip! Didn’t really know the best way to reach out to you guys.


v1.2b (Aug-10): Floatwheel owners can now set their odometer backwards to remove the 170 miles Tony accidentally added in the memory of some of the early models

Can someone explain to do that? I’d love to reset my odometer to a proper value!

Was trying to test the haptic buzz on continuous currents and the 5 second delay is making it kinda difficult to use for safety and testing. I don’t know what the delay should be but similar to how it is on the gt when nose dragging.