How to fix soft brakes

If your brakes feel too soft there’s several ways to address that:

1) Use Torque Tilt

You like the tune in general but want the brakes to be stiffer (fewer tail drags on flat roads)

In Float Cfg, Tune Modifiers there’s a torque tilt section, it lets you adjust acceleration and braking response separately. Set torquetilt regen strength to 0.15 or so and see how that feels. Play with that value to fine tune… This will only make braking stiffer without changing much of the rest of the ride feel.

2) Make the tune stiffer overall

The board feels too soft in general

Reducing Mahony kp (in Float Cfg - Tune) is the easiest way to stiffen the board. Instead of 2.0 try 1.8 and then go down in increments of 0.1 but not below 1.5. Even 1.5 is quite extreme.


And on the other end you can use torque tilt to make the front stiffer without adjusting the stiffness in the tail?

That is correct, yes