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FAQs & How-tos

This is the place to find helpful and trusted resources to help you get your first build going or just understand what it involved. Please be sure to like posts/topics that are helpful to you! This helps others find the most helpful topics more easily.

Q&A - Troubleshooting

Post questions here and hopefully smart people will answer them! Really though, this is where the community can share information as needed and our more experienced community members can help the less experienced.

Hardware, Parts and Tools

This category is intended to be used to post topics and links on recommended (or not recommended) hardware, parts and tools to be used for custom builds. It is intended to publish and upvote links to purchase hardware, parts and tools as well as basic information on popular/recommended products such as datasheets and technical specs.

Firmware Customization and Testing

Questions/comments/suggestions regarding the VESC firmware.

Tune Cards

Tune cards are a standardized list all of your build configuration and settings. These can be used to help troubleshoot issues with your build or just easily share your settings with others.

Site Feedback

Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.



In this category we will keep you updated now only about the PEV.DEV developments, but also the latest releases of apps, VESC packages etc.

Build Logs

Show off your latest build project here! And don’t forget to add photos

Float Package

This category is all about the Float Package made by @NicoAleman and @surfdado. Here you will find the latest releases and information. Feel free to ask any questions or make feature requests.

Vendors and Builders

Welcome to the vendor category. In this category we will publish all PEV related vendors. And you guys can leave ratings and your experience in each individual topic.

Package Development

Discussion about development of VESC packages, as well as relevant discussions about components interfacing with them, like light modules, BMSes, remotes, 3rd party apps, watches, etc.