How to test haptic buzz


V2.0 (originally v1.4) Float Package is about to be released Jan-31, 2024, see: Float Package Beta Testing - Firmware Customization and Testing -

Current Implementation in official v2.0 Float Package:

There’s global settings to set

  • haptic buzz max intensity (how many amps to use at max speed)
    ** 8A or up is reasonable, maybe a little more with a Superflux
  • haptic buzz minimum intensity (how many amps to use at low speed - used to be hard coded to 3A which wasn’t enough for SuperFlux)

For each pushback type, there’s a dropdown where you can select the haptic buzz type:

  • Haptic Buzz for Duty Cycle
  • Haptic Buzz for Max Current
  • Haptic Buzz for LV/HV
  • Haptic Buzz for Temperature
  • Haptic Buzz for Overcurrent
  • Haptic Buzz for BMS



If you’re a beta tester for haptic buzz, here’s the instructions:

How to provide feedback - obsolete

Please leave your feedback as comments here if you want it to matter - if you simply DM me or blurt it out on FB or Discord that’s nice, but don’t expect anyone to remember it…

What I need to know is what setting worked best for you!

Installation - obsolete

Install it as a custom package, look for “Install from file” in the “…” menu on mobile.

Booster barely works anyway, so it should be no loss…

Config - obsolete

Now: to start set duty tiltback to 20%, and duty tiltback angle to 0 degrees

Configure haptic buzz characteristics using accel-booster:
-booster current sets the intensity/amplitude: 5A is a good start value
-booster angle sets the frequency: 0=highest, easiest to hear, 5=lowest, vibrates more, harder to hear
** 0=400, 1=200, 2=100, 3=50, 4=25Hz (assuming 800Hz base)

Play around with amplitude and frequency to get a feel for it, then increase duty cycle to test at higher speeds.

There’s guard rails in place, so it doesn’t let you run with crazy settings
Amps are limited to 15A, anything higher is treated as 15A.

  • Based on Chase’s initial feedback I now allow up to 15A.

In the latest version those currents get scaled all the way down to 3A at lowest speeds!

  • if the amplitude is set to 5A or less it’ll be the same regardless of speed
  • if the amplitude is > 5A then it’ll only apply 5A above 10000erpm
    ** for 10000erpm or less the amplitude will be scaled linearly based on erpm
    ** so at 5000erpm it will be half of the specified amplitude
    ** there’s a minimum of 3A however at any speed
    ** example: 10A amplitude means 10A at 10,000 erpm or higher, 8A at 8000, 4A at 4000, 3A at 3000 or slower…

It’s mainly about finding settings that work well and are still noticeable at speed and when it’s noisy/bumpy

Expect to need higher intensity at higher speeds in order to still feel it.
Also Superflux needs more amps!

Start/stop click:
If you have a startup click current set, I now use the haptic buzz feature to create a stop sound as well, controlled via the startup click current.

love the feature, this is way better than pushback. i notice it right away but not enough on SF setups. ill try to tweak more the values but for now i love it

Is there a way that the two-tone pattern can alternate from the high 416 Hz to the low 138 Hz so we get the higher audible feedback and the deep rumbles on your feet?

What’s the danger of increasing the amps for the feedback?

Have been running on both of my boards for over 2 months now and I’ve decided I can’t live without it. 25Hz@12A seems to be the sweet spot for both my FW and Superflux build. Please let me have this forever!

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Running Buzz on 18s Hypercore XR

Haptic Feedback on VESC is honestly on of the best features I think thats been added for months. I love how adjustable it is, and how you can make it haptic or audible (i prefer haptic honestly) I know its not intended for pushing the board harder, but i have been lol because I can react to it quicker than tiltback. And tiltback at that speed isn’t comfortable and makes me have to readjust my riding while I’m already at the boards limits, which I am not comfortable doing. I will be using buzz as long as I can now over tiltback thx surfdado this is really cool

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I’ve been running haptic buzz on my all my builds (including the pints).

Its great and I think it should be a standard feature. My only criticism is that the official implementation seems to be much louder.

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@auden_builds and @devnull - what I need to know is what settings worked for you (and which motor you got)…

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I had trouble hearing it at higher frequency when going fast so I set it to 6 and 15A on 18S XR and 10A on 15s PINT. Both hypercore. Compared to FM haptic buzz it is quieter. It also seems like FM haptic buzz might gradually get louder as a function of time??

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I use this all the time and it’s saved me more than a few times. I have mine set to a super low frequency rumble and it feels like I just went from pavement to gravel underneath my feet and it’s unmistakable. Please make this a standard feature!!!

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Would love to give testing a try! Could I have the package file?

  • These settings give me a nice noticable buzz. At these settings it feels as a buzz. Like a phone vibrating under your feet.

-If I go past 10 amps (and still at start angle 4.0 it slowly grows into a (tiny) shake instead of a buzz when it kicks in.

-Been trying it out with sound as well, but even on start angle 1.0 and 15.0 A it is hardly noticable for me when going around 40kmph because of the sound of the wind.

-All tested on roads that were in pretty good shape.

Tested on Floatwheel ADV Pro, Gen2 motor @ 82% Duty cycle

Will do some more testing later on dirtroads if it ever stops raining here.

Start/stop click:
If you have a startup click current set, I now use the haptic buzz feature to create a stop sound as well, controlled via the startup click current.

Hi, this function does not work, any tips? I tried different amperage but nothing.
but for the rest it’s just happiness.

Thanks a lot !!!

Tried it just know, works exactly as intended

Please test the v1.4 float package beta with all the latest haptic buzz behavior

1.4 tested, it works well for the duty cycle and it’s quite good with all these adjustable parameters.
it’s just the startup click who doesn’t purr.

UBOX 100 + 18S2P 21700 + original XR motor

Good ride

Please provide more details. Still sounds like user error to me, because it works on all my boards. Please share the exact settings you configured, also which board are you using.

Would it be possible to use Haptic Buzz on an idle timer to alert that the board has been left on?

Also, what about a Haptic Buzz tone to indicate boot up complete? (I want to make my board beep like my FPV drone with BLHeli ESCs :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

possible? yes to both

  1. idle timer: we will not do that because it uses too much energy, killing your battery even sooner than if we don’t do it (e.g. you went on vacation) - add a buzzer if you want that feature, super simple

  2. bootup sound: wait for v6.5 firmware then we will probably add the option for a proper startup melody (like drones)

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sweet, thanks for the reply!