Float Package Beta Testing

v2.0 (former v1.4) is almost ready, here’s a preview if you’d like to beta test:

How To Test

This is NOT new firmware! This is just a new Package!

Step 1: BACKUP your config (there’s a dedicated backup button on the first screen!)
Step 2: To load it, pick the file as a “custom package” - in the “PACKAGES” screen, on mobile this will be under “…” and then “Install from file
Step 3: Wait for it to finish loading till you can see “Float Cfg” pop up again - Now all your Float Cfg settings are LOST!
Step 4: To restore your Float Cfg settings you now simply hit the RESTORE button and you should be good to go. Double check in Specs that your high voltage threshold is back at 85/86 Volts - if it’s still 64.5 then the restore didn’t work (maybe you forgot to backup in step 1?)

What’s New?

For a list of features see the changelog:
Float Package - Changelogs - Float Package - pev.dev

Change history since the first v1.4 beta in early January:

Changes in v1.4-beta2:

  • support for disabled state on VESCs with connected LEDs (e.g. Thor) - when float package is disabled (aka board cannot be ridden) the center LEDs (status and front) turn red, rest is off

Changes in v1.4-beta3

  • bugfix: allow disabling flywheel by pressing a footsensor while it’s balancing

Changes in v1.4-beta4

  • more lighting improvements for Thor/CFOC/etc
  • tamed haptic stop-click to better match start-click setting/feel

Changes in v1.4-beta5

  • more beginner friendly defaults
  • led fixes

Changes in v2.0-beta1

  • improved Floatwheel support
  • support for other external lighting control modules (rescue, balancebuddy, etc)
  • allow negative variable tiltback rates


  • fixup negative variable tiltback rates (now either rate or max or both negative produce negative tilt)
  • extra decimal in mahony kp, e.g. 1.95 is now possible


  • bugfix for showing charge current/voltage in AppUI (Floatwheel only, requires latest LCM firmware)

Source code

surfdado/vesc_pkg at v2.0_dev (github.com)