VESC Service Centers

Need help? Find your local service center

More and more onewheel service centers also offer VESC related services. Here’s a table of service centers who may be able to help you with your VESC Onewheel needs:

Name Location Details
Magic PEVs Michigan Magic PEVs Services Offered
PEV Dispensary Alabama tbd
Floaty McFly Los Angeles tbd
Float Therapy PEV Cincinnati, OH Website
Bob’s Stoke Shop California Website
Kevin Pedersen (goto11) Sierra Foothills/Tahoe/ Sacramento, CA (new site under construction)
Miami Boardshop Florida Website
/dev/null Washington /dev/null Services Offered
PEV Hot Rodders Charlotte, NC + (828) 201-4142
The MOB Shop Colorado
Stoke Solutions UK Bristol, UK Stoke Solutions UK
Rent EBoards Charlotte Charlotte, NC Website
Indy Speed Control Indianapolis, IN Website
Atlowshop (Ashton Picas) Atlanta, GA Facebook

Also, reach out to any of the ERide Repair service centers and ask about VESC services:

Kyle Klausing Cincinnati ohio

The MOB Shop -Colorado -

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Hey All, I was one of the owners of Stokelife Service and we have dissolved the company. All of the old shops got together and created a shop owned network at

Stokelife Service is no longer run by Bobs Stoke Shop and The MOB Shop. THe shops that contributed to its existence have all moved on along with Bobs and The MOB Shop and we all encourage using


Nick Wolff Rent EBoards Charlotte. Charlotte NC

Indy Speed Control -Indianapolis-

Atlanta, Georgia
Ashton Picas