Buyers Guide: Vendors

VESC Services, Boards and Components

VESC Service

VESC Service Centers

Complete Boards / Kits


Battery Packs / Cells

See also the Floatfab Wiki summary on cells and packs.


See also the BMS table on floatfab wiki



For battery maybe also chi battery system.

A section for motors would also be cool. I know the only good motor you can buy right know is the Superflux but there are cheaper ones out there.

Rails would be interesting too.

Thunder rails from
WTF from Thefloatlife
Mustache Rails
Tech rails

Added Tronic, thanks

Chi is not a good place to get VESC batteries - also for rails there’s nothing VESC/DIY specific. There’s plenty of Onewheel resources for general aftermarket parts. This is not the aim of this buyer’s guide. But of course, feel free to create a page like that yourself.

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