VESC Services Offered - /dev/null

Hey everyone, you may have seen me before in the VESC discord channels or with my involvement in REWheel. I have a M.S. in C.S. and a full hardware lab, where I’ve built 3d printed robots, fpv drones, installed modchips and of course built OneWheels. I’m not really looking for a ton of extra work since my day job keeps me quite comfortable, but if you’re in WA and need some help you can reach out to me on my discord: “! ! /dev/null#1337” and we can see what we can work out.

I have successfully built an VESC XR with a 3d printed flowglider box (stock battery and bms). I have also built an 18s2p p42a build with a zbms and tech rails box for a friend as well as helped troubleshoot some preassembled makerspev boxes. I am currently working on a new build for myself with a floatboxx, torquebox, 18s2p p45b, ennoid xlite and custom LEDs with a rESCue.

Services I can offer:

  • 3D Printed parts.
  • Soldering/Hot Air SMD
  • Installation of LEDs
  • Installation of buzzer/tilt remote
  • VESC enclosures and assembly
  • Installation of battery/bms upgrades

Are you using the aluminium Floatbox? Could you tell us if the Bluetooth signal from your little Focer is not too weak? Because a full aluminum enclosure should cut the signal?! Thanks

I’ve almost gone my assembled. Should be in the next day or two. Just got done wiring up the rESCue for LEDs. If there’s signal issues I’ll use an external antenna.

Yeah signal isn’t as good but improved when I routed the phase cables as far as possible from the Bluetooth.

If it really gets to be an issue I’ll just mod for external antenna.