VESC Services Offered - Magic PEVs

My name is Steven Schoonmaker and I own and operate Magic PEVs, based out of Ann Arbor, MI.

Would you like to enter the VESC world, but might just not be comfortable with the electronic assembly aspects, or maybe just don’t have enough time?

That’s where I come in!

Maybe you have a standard onewheel that you’d like to convert to VESC? I can help with that.

Sick of the flat xr pads, or that hard bevel to your GT footpads? How about getting some more comfort up front? I can help with that.

Or maybe you have a dream build, but maybe not the know-how to make that dream come true, I can also help with that.

Everything from modified footpads, to specialty connectors and handmade wire harnesses, to full custom builds. If you need a hand with your VESC onewheel, please reach out to me via Magic PEVs on Facebook, or directly (also facebook) through direct messenger via Steven Schoonmaker. I can also be reached on Discord under the username MagicSteve.

Thanks for reading and happy building :call_me_hand: