Little FOCer v3.1 - Config & Vibration Issue

I setup my board but noticed it vibrates (or kinda feels like it is grinding) when compared to the LittleFocer v3.0. Steps I took for the setup:

  • Ran through the setup guide from this link and adjusted my IMU raw to 90 degrees.
  • Changed [Invert Motor Direction] to TRUE
  • Changed Yaw P (Balance → Multi ESC) to 0

Changing the Yaw P to 0 helped reduce vibrations by a lot, but they still exist. Is there anything else that needs to be changed with this IMU?

Is this just at low speeds? And have you turned off all tune modifiers.

Yep tested with all tune modifiers off. Def notice it at lows speeds but I think it’s still there at higher speeds too. It kind of feels like the grinding the motor does when going up hill in reverse slowly, if that makes sense.

I will upload a vid if it captures the sound.

Didn’t realise imgur does not have sound for videos. Anyways from my OneDrive today.

Looks like in v3.1 you may need to increase the Zero Vector Frequency. I was running 20kHz but that was way too low. Currently am on 34 and it is much better. Seems like anything between 25 - 35 is good.

Does Zero Vector Frequency just control the vibrations? Don’t understand the purpose

Glad you found something that works

I was told that Zero Vector Frequency should not be higher than 30 and that it’s also a good idea to update the sample rate in the IMU to 833 from 800

Moved the Zero Vector Frequency to 26 and it crunches way less on hard breaking

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