IMU (gyro) Configuration Guide

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You can access my google drive where I will upload all IMU related guide and info!

Richard from the Burnerz Crew :fire:


IMO step 3/4 in this guide should be either removed or amended. In fact hitting “Write” is dangerous when you have more than one VESC. On the desktop tool you must always do “read” before write or else you risk writing values from your previously connected VESC to your currently connected one.


Thanks for the headsup! I made the modifications to the guide, i updated the contents of the google drive link, i will refresh the post when i find out how! :smiley:

Edit: now i was able to edit it, picture updated!

Could you add a step after 14.?

14.5: set yaw offset if needed: LFOCv3.1 needs 90 (or -90 if you get negative speeds), Others use 0 (or 180 to counter negative speeds)


Done! :slight_smile: thanks for helping me evolving this guide

That is a vital step if for some reason your LIL FOCR 3.1 did not come configured with it…like mine lol
Thanks @NicoAleman and @surfdado for the late night repsonse to fix this last weekend.

Amazing work, thank you

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I know it is not IMU but might be worth mentioning that you may need to set “Invert Motor Direction” to TRUE.

note on using external BMI 160: it needs to be wired differently than LSM. At least for my Flipsky.
3.3 from ESC goes to VIN (not 3.3) on IMU and SAO connected to GND just like shown here: BMI160 module for DIY balanced board DIY onewheel with VESC | Spintend

Should we create an “External IMU Setup” post for this stuff ? This is very valuable info and warrants its own dedicated post imho

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True, i will include that somewhere in it! probably in the end of the guide! thanks!

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I will get myself into it, but i need to gather some info

so far we have LSM6DS3 and BMI160 external wiring

Another newbie tip: If you get all set up and notice your speeds are negative values, and you flip your Yaw offset, CHECK YOUR MOTOR DIRECTION AGAIN ON THE BENCH and invert if needed.

Otherwise you’ll have a very sudden and unpleasant dismount. :sweat_smile:

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