Getting Rid of the High Pitched Squeal

Coming from future motion firmware, the high pitched squeal can be off-putting to some. Luckily, tuning it out is super easy! Follow these steps:

  1. Motor Settings>FOC>Advanced
  2. Increase Zero Vector Frequency

Default is 20 kHz. Most people prefer it anywhere between 25-30 kHz.
WARNING Do not exceed 30 kHZ! At least two people have fried their VESC trying around 60-70. Be safe, don’t go above 30 kHz. Nico Aleman recommends not going lower than 14 kHz, although anything under 20 kHz is noticeably audible.

Nico Aleman has also said that “The sound is audible when holding brake current is active, which is triggered when you either start the board, write a config, or move the motor at all, and goes away once the motor has been still for about a second or two”.

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According to Shaman’s thread on, it’s safe to go up to 35kHz.


I have heard many well known people in this community(Nico, Dado, and others) say to not exceed 30 kHz. I’m sure 5 kHz wouldn’t make a huge difference, but I feel being safer is better. Of course you have the right to crank it up as high as you’d like. I’m not tryna fry my controller ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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Well Shaman designed it, so I would trust his word over anyone else’s. Not sure where the 30 kHz suggested limit came from.

The 30kHz suggestion is simply from observation/experimentation and leaving headroom for safety. I would rather suggest a max thats proven to be safe and has some wiggle room if someone decides to push it anyways, rather than suggest an actual max that isnt nearly as tested.

I trust Shaman’s word, and I myself even run 32kHz on a controller. It’s up to you where you put your trust and what you consider a risk. Im still gonna continue recommending 30kHz simply because i know some will try to push beyond thay anyways, so it leaves a safety margin.

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