SuperFlux Reference - Motor Setup Values

This post is a reference of the data was collected from the community via a facebook post in the ‘Onewheel Vesc Builders’ facebook group and includes common detected values and settings that were changed to get the SuperFlux motor running smoothly.

You can follow the How To Configure Motor post here on for the most part, but the detected values will differ a bit and is why this post exists. That post also now back links to this post when you get to the values section.

I am only going to post the Summarized data here with the Average, Min, Max, and Median values, but if you would like, you can review the entire google sheet with the data I compiled here:

SuperFlux Detected Values Summary:

These are the values that are detected and shown by the ‘Setup Motors’ Wizard in VESC tool. This is only a summary of what has been reported so far. You may have values outside the min/max listed below and still be able to obtain a smooth/working motor configuration. If so, then please submit you detected values and any changes as a comment on this post and I will get it added into the data set.

Motor Current Motor R Motor L Motor Lq-Ld Motor Flux Linkage Observer Gain
Average 101.45 29.75 108.96 32.63 24.09 1.75
Min 91.72 27.46 106.97 28.14 23.62 1.70
Max 130.37 32.77 113.22 38.23 24.71 1.80
Median 96.35 29.90 108.56 32.80 23.93 1.75

Custom (or Final) Set Values Summary:

These are the values that riders custom set (or left as detected - primarily motor R) after the motor wizard was completed. This data set is much more limited and can be viewed in the spreadsheet linked above. Some users did not change motor resistance, but the values were included in the sammary, which is why added (or Final) in the heading above.

ZVF Motor R Observer Gain
Average 28.80 35.80 0.83
Min 25.00 30.60 0.75
Max 30.00 40.00 0.90
Median 30.00 36.20 0.84

Other Settings:

These settings are also of note and can be found in the How To Configure Motor post here on

Sensorless ERPMv = 2000
Hall Inerpolation ERPM = 200 (or) 250

FIELD WEAKENING TAB: (Default should be fine, but can adjust to personal preference)
Max Start= 30A - 50A (30A is standard)
Duty Start= 50% (Some prefer 60% or more.)
Ramp Time= 1000 (some like 500, 650, etc.)
Q Axis= 2% (don’t touch!)

Key takeaways:

  1. Most riders reported cutting their ‘Observer Gain’ directly in half, while a few others reported setting it to 0.75.
  2. Riders reported using a Zero Vector Frequency between 25-30, which matches the HyperCore motor config posts found here on This is commonly adjusted when the motor behaves oddly, makes weird noises, or has motor crunch on hard breaking.
  3. Most riders reported raising their motor resistance, but some did not report this. I imagine this was done to deal with motor crunch on hard breaking. You can find another post on about motor crunch.

Submit your data/configs:

If you have done a SuperFlux motor config and have data to add, then please add it to the comments on this page and I will include it in the google sheet. Please check the google sheet for all the fields that are there and if I'm missing any important fields then please let me know. All data is welcome and especially if you have a buttery smooth configuration or have figured out any MOSFET heat mitigation strategies or any other performance gains via software configuration.

Second round superflux (shorty cable)
Set Motor R to 36, ZVF to 30, Observer gain in half to .89, mxlemming observer

Motor Current: 122.31
Motor R: 31.19
Motor L: 108.35
Motor Lq-Ld: 32.05
Motor Flux Linkage: 23.69
Temp Com: True
Sensors: Hall Sensors
Observer Gain: 1.78

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