Steve's Street Salsa tuning

Steve’s Street Salsa.

Terrain Allround
Battery 63v cbxr (will also work with stock and is safe with stock bms, provided you wired the controller for that)
Firmware VESC_5.3_Stable_PLUS_v4
Top Speed 24mph
Range 20-25 miles

Motor CFG
Current 100|-100|200.00 |ABS True|100|100 30|-30
Voltage 40|38
RPM 20000|-20000|80
Field Weakening 30 40 1000 2

App CFG (Balance)
Tune 27|0.008|0 800|10 5|1000|1|100 3
Modifiers -0.1|500|
-0.05/7500|0.5|3 0|2|10 0.10|15|6|3|5|10 1|3|2|1000|3|200|5000
Startup 5|20 30 4|1
Tiltback 2 85|20|10 70|10|3 45|10|3
Fault 90|300|90|300 1|100 3|3|600|150|0
Multi ESC False 0.3|90|0 2|500|1.5
IMU Type Internal|800 Mahony|0.020|1.6|0|0

Key Features

  • very stable and rigid acceleration, but slightly lower constant tiltback angle along with the decreased turn/roll tiltback makes for some really nice high speed carving.
    posi emulation (to take posi emulation off, turn last value in the ‘fault’ section to 500)
  • strong duty cycle tiltback. max speed is about 22-24 depending on terrain. its a positive for me but would probably be a negative to others. I enjoy the security.

*I also filled in the rest of the normally X’d out values for anyone new that is still unsure about where to set them. I know it was a bit nervewracking for me starting out and actually riding stuff I set.

I’d appreciate any feedback on anything that might not look/feel right. But please try the tuning first.

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Any chance you could post your configuration itself?

What are u looking for? Motor and app config are both there…

Think they mean the XML files themselves, you can download them from the PC VESCTool app


I wasnt able to edit the post but i commented the xml files

stevestreetsalsaapp (1).xml (11.1 KB)
stevestreetsalsamotor.xml (9.7 KB)

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Thanks for clarifying for me! And thanks, magicsteve! :call_me_hand:


Just gave it a whirl! It felt really good! Forgot POSI was on which was a treat. lol


Bad formatting <333333333333333333333333333333333


kp mahoney - 1.3

App>tuning> P-21

I’ve got my P set to 24 and it feels pretty good. How much of a difference does changing Mahoney feel?

From what ive been able to test, the kp mahoney value affects the power pressing back up on the nose when your foot goes down. Try p:30 and kp:1.3, then p:21 and kp:1.3. Then try p:30 and kp:2.2 (like most use), then p:21 and kp:2.2 and youll see what i mean.

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I’ve been faithfully using this tune since I’d first tried it. Was curious if you’ve made any recent updates as of lately. I’m rocking ATR23 with it and it works really well.

Yeah brotha, after the imu filter release that fixed the nose hunting, i raised the kp mahoney value up to 1.9. Didnt need it to be that stiff anymore. Evetything else is essentially the same, except i also have the 84v battery.

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Also im curious if you have any sort of different riding behavior when riding battery box first (switch).

I had some dipping when i went switch on ATR so i went back to 5.3 stable. Dado said it was most likely a fluke in my tuning so im wondering if u might have experienced the same while riding my tune card…

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I ended up ordering a Superflux and one of Mario’s 20s packs. It’s going to be nuts! The difference between my Pint just after swapping over to a VESC was wild enough. So much powah!

I’ll have to try raising the Mahoney KP again and see how it feels. On my Pint, I really like how tight and responsive the board feels. As for the dipping, I believe I know what you mean. I don’t often ride switch but I feel like I’ve noticed it before while reversing or quickly rocking back. I’ve noticed the nose would tend to climb making it feel a tad awkward while reversing. I’ll go for a ride this afternoon and let you know if I notice it. :call_me_hand:

Update: Woah! It’s weird riding the board that loose after all this time. Definitely built up a lot of board confidence with the tighter Mahoney KP value. I didn’t end up riding switch at all so I’ll have to give that a go in the next few days and see how it goes. Will report back if I notice any oddities.

6.0streetsalsaapp.xml (11.8 KB)
6.0streetsalsamotor.xml (10.4 KB)

here is the updated street salsa xml for the 6.0 firmware. it does not currently have ATR enabled, just some torque and turn tiltback turned up for some nice wheel dancing.

Make sure to include the Float Package XML, thats whats important here. Sharing App and Motor isnt too necessary anymore for most cases


Cool beans, ill get that done when i get home. Thnx :call_me_hand:


Looking forward to it!