Power button and powering off with bumps

I’ve been having issues with my Lil Focer and the power button. After only a few minutes of trick riding, the board seems to cut out like it has no power at all, I disassemble and reassemble the controller box and it works fine. This has happened about 4 times.

In each case, it appears to be the power button that is failing, so I found this post: How to wire the latching power switch from SurfDado which mentions this issue.
However, I don’t understand what exactly I am meant to do with this, right now my power button has continuity across the Yellow and Black wires when the switch is not pressed in, I assumed this was normal, but it sounds like there should be continuity when the switch is pressed in.
If it helps at all, this is the 17mm power button from Customwheel.shop

Would someone be able to clarify how this is meant to work? I can also see that SurfDado has wired his Power button to the PB12 pin on the Lil Focer and I’m not entirely sure why, especially given that gives a dimmer LED.
Thanks for any clarification.

your button should have 5 pins, you will need to swap one wire from the NO to the NC pin