Onewheel V1 Conversion to a vesc

I have an old onewheel v1 that I would like to convert, I would like to use the current battery and bms I have as I already have an improved battery, I am very new to vesc and I have no idea where to start with a v1 as most tutorials are on the xr. Any help is appreciated!

V1 is a challenge - so far nobody had great success vesc’ing it - see ETM motor help thanks - Q&A - Troubleshooting -

The V1 VESC conversion was a project I started over a year ago. Unfortunately, I failed to get much out of the V1 motor when using a VESC controller. Whether it was because of the motor control scheme or the V1 motor being inherently weak I am sort of leaning towards the motor saturating pretty early. Its really unfortunate because of how awesome the V1 motors construction is and how it sounds but it seems to saturate around 60 amps of motor current which doesn’t place it at a very good place in terms of power or speed. Especially speed, there was not much to be gained. I don’t recommend converting your V1 yet, I would keep it stock or at the very least hold onto the motor and seek out a used pint/plus/XR motor or purchase a superflux motor and swap it with your V1 motor. The rest of the frame can be used very similarly to the XR aside from the battery box being significantly smaller.