ETM motor help thanks

Hello! The time has come to dial in the ideal settings for the ETM motor found on the V1. Why? Because it is cool.

What has happened:
I have run the setup wizard in the past and it ended up working, today I tried to do the same and it didn’t work. Only the tools found under Motor>FOC seem to work. In the wizard, it seems to get caught up on the R/L testing as it jerks the motor super hard when it tries to detect it. For some reason in the FOC section, that same test runs just fine. The values I get spin the motor and all seems fine, but of course, none of that matters until it works under load.

What is happening:

I am experiencing extreme cogging, above a certain speed the motor starts to become unstable and cant produce any additional torque. I am not sure what I should do to fix this specific problem, as all I knew before this were hypercores, this motor is much different.

Here are my current configs:

I tried lowering the current KP, halving observer gain (which seems high to me), and tweaking the resistances very slightly. I know we don’t have too much of a solid grasp on how motor tuning works but I don’t know all the things we have tried and found success with, and I figured this would be a good opportunity to allow some of you to poke around a bit more as I am eager to try new things.

Some things to consider:
This motor has 60 poles
This motor uses transverse flux tech (not sure what this entails, but it is absolutely possible to get it right)
Maybe I just need to set the cycle speed thing higher?

(vimeo upload is not working)

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Quinn Foster gave me this picture, you can try with these motor values!

no success guranteed but worth a try, please updated us if you had luck with this!

I tried this setting, but probably my imu was also bad, and couldn’t use proper values for pid. so i might give it another try later on!

The values there dont seem to have solved the grinding issue, I also had to calculate the KI KP values based on that. I am sure they would be the same for him. But idk it didnt work for me :frowning:

Currently I am just tweaking all the values one by one and riding around in the grass. Some settings seem to reduce it slightly but it may be placebo

So I haven’t found much more luck than @Erosion using a LFOC with the V1 TF motor. I think TF is a great shortened name for the motor btw. Typing Transverse flux gets old.

Haven’t been trying particularly hard to capture the the issue on video. It basically thinks it’s putting out a gazillion amps but it’s actually not doing poo.

Especially bad if you have this high load moment when transitioning from fwd to reverse ie when slowing down then reversing when going downhill. Luckily the tail dragging clearance makes it less likely you over torque.