[OBSOLETE] How to nosedrag/taildrag with ATR firmware

With ATR firmware you can limit the available Amps in non-ATR situations, i.e. flat ground / streets - without limiting Amps when you need them (hills, grass, etc)

Add e.g. 0.65 to Motor Current Max: that limits the acceleration current to 65 percent of the max current, 120.65 means 120A max when you need it, 78A max on streets.

Add 0.7 to Motor Current Min, that limits braking current on flat ground/streets to 70 percent of the max current. So 120.7 gives you 84Amps for braking/taildragging when it’s flat

See lines 80-82 in my spreadsheet: ATR Tuning - Google Sheets


Do you have source code , I need to rebuild the firmware, because my board is make by myself.
So need to configure hardware.

Thanks .

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Sorry, not yet - I do plan on publishing the ATR firmware once it’s closer to being stable

needs more context - what’s the problem? I can do nose and tail drags with the default settings