Madd Max 84V trail beast Tune Card



Since the beta ATR firmware I am still using is no longer available, if you use these settings with the current ATRv18 firmware it won’t perform exactly the same (D is no longer available, it’s being ignored entirely in ATRv18). However, per @surfdado 's guidance, all you need to do is use Angular Rate P for dampening, i.e. setting Yaw P to recommended value of 0.6.

Here’s my trail settings card for those who want to try it! This allowed Kyle to hit 31mph without tiltback, and helped me place 2nd amongst XRs (8th overall with GTs) at the Northwest Electric Fest in Oregon.

Board specs: 84V CBCSO battery, W varials, enduro tire.

Much love to Dado, Uy & Hannes for all the tuning help!


  • Feels like a new & improved Mission mode!
  • Smooth transition into field weakening around 15mph, minimal softening of nose even at higher speeds around 25-31mph
  • Extemely carvy, responsive and fluid on street/trails
  • Nose solid on bumps/uneven terrain


  • slight motor grunt on aggressive braking and drops/bonks Now resolved! Per @surfdado 's suggestion of upping motor resistance to 100-110 (Motor FOC General), motor crunching during hard brakes is now eliminated yeww!
  • nearly impossibly to nose drag, if you’re into that.


  • Sensor pad is posi’d! Easily able to turn off (in Balance-Fault, turn ADC half state fault erpm > 0)
  • TYPO: The turn/roll tiltback speed boost is actually 200% not 2000% typo as shown in the card. But in the xml file it should be correct, just double check. Thanks @grafalgar for the catch.
  • if you want more flow for pump track, up the mahony kp to 2.4-2.6 (you will lose some stability on flat)

share_MK2-App-Settings-84V-Trails-Post-NW-fest.xml (5.3 KB)
share_MK2-Motor-Settings-84V-Trails-Speed-Limit-40mph.xml (1.6 KB)


Thanks for sharing this and great work on the race. I love these tune cards, such a cool way to share info.

I’ve got my lil’foccer and CBCSO on order and can’t wait to install. I’ve not found much info on the battery. How do you like it? Did you notice a big step up torque wise from the stock battery or is the main benefit the higher top speed?

I’m interested in the difference with the new battery too. I’m running an old Chi Battery XXR in mine and can definitely notice a small difference in torque.

I have the CBCSO, and it’s a WORLD of different for me. “Tractor crawls” on uphills like a f’n beast. That said, wouldn’t recommend aforementioned tractor crawls, the motor overheats real quick. But, it’s a massive difference for me. For a point of a reference, my other board’s a JWXR and that doesn’t hold a candle against the torque from the 84V

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Btw, @MaddMax - I think the card is incorrect, at least in Turn/Roll Tiltback Speed Boost % – says 2000% but I think you meant 200%?

Thanks dude! The cards was Hannes’ idea btw. Pretty neat that you can use any riders’ preferences, like selecting a character from a video game!

Battery is amazing so far. Everything is bumped up from stock, but it’s most noticeable when it allows you to go higher speeds. The torque is only noticeable when you’re trying to do nose dips/drags, it’s nearly impossible with how much power is keeping you up.

I’ll be releasing a vid on my YouTube on the CBCSO install process next week.

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Yea the CBCSO P28A is the most powerful battery for the onewheel as of now. You can tell the difference when you try to nose dip, and with the high speeds unlocked.

CBCSO is such a game changer, especially with the incorporated BMS. Haven’t noticed motor temps getting too high, but then again haven’t been doing those intense tractor crawls anymore.

Yes you’re right, the turn/roll tailback speed boost should be 200%. It should be correct in the xml file but just a typo on the actual card. @vescmann can you help verify?

How to nosedrag/taildrag with ATR firmware - VESC App Settings & Testing -


Man I finally got my vesc setup up and running last weekend!! It’s very similar to this build too. CBCSO, W rails, Enduro tire, bang bumpers.

I need to try out this tune card!


Highly recommend, still takes some getting used to but it’s the closest I’ve gotten my setup to feeling Mission-like without sacrificing the power/brakes too much :ok_hand:

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Sick dude! Stoked you’re finally set up. With the 2000W motor? The only difference in our builds is mine is lifted 1/2 in. Try out the card asap!

Glad you’re enjoying man, took a lot of iterations with the team. Working on an even more refined trail card, stay tuned!


I moved my VESC from my Growler over to my Tail Rails w/ CBXR Mini today and tried this out. With the new ATR firmware (thanks surfdado!) and these settings, the ride feels great! I’m installing a CB TORque Pack soon. Can’t wait to unlock that power.

I don’t have the new motor yet!! Just using my current XR motor and W rails. At this point I have no idea when I’ll receive the superflux motor but it’s supposed to be kind of any time now ¯_(ツ)_/¯


I tried the ATR firmware with the CB+ battery but noticed the nose dipping on the initial acceleration.

Do you still get that with the cbcso?

What’s cb+ battery and how many volts? Don’t get any nose dips with cbcso and even stock battery. If anything the nose is still somewhat ‘soft’ and flowy but that’s how vesc feels. It won’t entirely have the same feel as fm, give it some more time you may find it’s actually better.

Yeah 57volts only.

Definitely getting used to the soft feel. Just a little uneasy with the initial acceleration on flat.

Maybe it’s your settings or maybe it’s something in your settings. Will do some testing for sure

Keep in mind my tune cards are for 84V, make sure you adjusted your current, voltage, braking etc for 57V. Your battery is lower than the stock xr battery of 63V :face_with_spiral_eyes: which may explain the nose dipping…

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A battery won’t magically fix that problem.

Battery voltage doesn’t in any way affect nose dips. That can’t be it. Higher voltage wouldn’t solve that. Also, the softness is intentional but can be easily changed. If you prefer stiffer tunes then try IMU Mahony kp=1.8 and add another 5 or so to the P value in Balance-Tune

Have you upgraded your firmware? stock 5.3 will cause nosedips even on flat roads when accelerating

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