How to report a problem / ask for help

So you encountered a problem and need help…

  • bug?
  • crash?
  • weird behavior?

Please include ALL the info if you want useful help. The more obscure your issue the more details we’ll need. There can never be too much info. Basically we need to be able to reproduce it or at least fully understand the circumstances leading up to the issue you’re reporting

  • controller/motor
  • firmware version
  • package version (and name)
  • configuration details
  • how often has this happened? single incident? can you reproduce it?
  • the circumstances leading up to it, when the incident happened what exactly were you doing?

and last but not least: log files / videos - however DO NOT EXPECT that we’ll watch minutes of video or sift thru megabytes of logs to try to figure out what might have happened. Keep the logs and videos short.

I personally ignore any video posted as the primary problem description. Use your words :wink: