GUIDE: How to wire FM BMS as "Charge only" for your VESC

I used a Flipsky VESC with Antispark switch

Special thanks to Oliver Motlik for helping me to make this guide.


WTF!? That’s it? So easy. Thank you so much for posting. Since pin 2 and 3 on the charger are the same you could just solder in a wire on the board instead of adding the purple lead I believe.

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Funny that I actually just found this post and it’s also provided by Oliver Motlik. He just explained to me in detail what exactly charge-only means and when it’s required and/or recommended.

@Haverr4 would you be able to add it into your Guide once I am done with translation? It was via FB chat and in German.

Or maybe @pevdevadmin can make your topic into a Wiki? :slight_smile:

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I was curious about this as well. I have to fully test it though.

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At what point would you reverse the polarity if using a FM battery? Would it be where the XT60 is connecting to the anti spark switch?