XR to VESC: A Onewheel Conversion Guide

Everything you need, in one article, to convert your XR to VESC. Clearly documented and with step-by-step instructions. The guide is highly formatted on my website, which took a lot of time, and I can’t maintain it as a post here as well.

This guide features:

  • Clear and well lit photos
  • Screenshots of the software setup
  • A glossary
  • Price breakdown
  • Links to parts and tools
  • Step-by-step instructions for both hardware and software setup

Coming soon:

  • Tuning Your Ride
  • Troubleshooting Common Issues
  • Upgrades
  • FAQ

If you’re interested, check out the build guide on spinningmag.net.

XR to VESC: A Onewheel Conversion Guide


Stated this on IG but this is some amazing in depth beginners huide, broken down into lamens terms for newbies like me to wasily understand. Thank you

Great in-depth guide. Really appreciate the time you have put in to it. Thank you!

Jw did you run a 10a diode when using this setup? Would it be beneficial to if connecting to third pin of recharge port?

This is super helpful, thank you!

Hello, I just followed this article and successfully converted my XR to VESC. I modified a fully assembled Flowglider from makers pev and have a CBXR with an Owie chip. Everything is working fine. I’ll be checking the range soon.

The reason for my conversion was because the 4212 XR software made it impossible to fully use the CBXR, even with the Owie chip. I’m excited to see the performance of this new build.

Thank you T.K. Garrett for the article. I also built a growler. I’m looking for a good tune for a trick board. I would appreciate if you know any.

Glad it helped you! I usually just start with the default config in the Float Package and tune it from there. If I do a trick and it feels weird or like it could be optimized, I’ll figure out which setting is relevant and try to get it dialed.