Where to find new firmware


New standard firmware can be downloaded from vesc-project.com but it doesn't include many of the Onewheel specific improvements we all like.

How to find firmware manually

If you need old firmware or any stock-firmware version you can find it in Vedder’s archive:

For Onewheels in v6.0

Follow Nico's guide here: https://pev.dev/t/how-to-update-to-vesc-fw-6-vesc-tool-6/454

Obsolete for v6.0 from here onward

Onewheel Specific

Surfdado firmware is published as github releases here (only needed for 5.3): [Releases · surfdado/bldc (github.com)] This firmware is just like "5.3 Stable" but includes the most important features/fixes we need for a good Onewheel experience.

Make sure you pick the right file for your VESC - LFOCv3 is not equal to LFOC !!!

Advanced Onewheel/Experimental Firmware aka ATR

Note: there's also my "still in beta" ATR firmware, which you can find here if you search for ATR - but this is only recommended if your board is already working and behaving well in general. I don't recommend anyone start with this firmware until they got their board well tuned.

ATR firmware is the only firmware including features like darkride and full Float Control support