Where to find new firmware

Basic firmware and tools

New standard firmware can be downloaded from vesc-project.com.

Official Beta firmware and tools

New betas can also be downloaded from vesc-project.com. Login, go to purchased files and you will find the beta zip.

How to find firmware manually

For people with older firmware where the hardware name doesn’t match what’s used since 6.0. The VESC tool uses primitive name matching to identify your VESC. Your VESC is called “Little FOCer”? But VESC tool looks for “Little_FOCer” with an underscore? You’re out of luck, it’s not a match… So go here to download the bin file manually - there’s all versions available:

If you need old firmware or any stock-firmware version you can find it on Vedder’s github here:

v6.5 preview

This v6.2 firmware includes an improved sensorless transition algorithm from 6.5:

For LFOCv3.1 only: https://drive.google.com/file/d/19_m6OnrFHTASrsy3v9j7X4GFt-s-Bhcy/view?usp=share_link

Make sure you set your sensorless transition ERPM (FOC-Hall Sensors) to 2500


@surfdado How about we transform this tutorial to “How to update your VESC software/firmware the safe way” which would include all the necessary steps:

Should I update in the first place?
Ensure compatibility
Backing up your settings
Backing up float package xml
How/when to update to BETA or preview versions

Edit: Also a little FAQ/explanation could be amended:

Which settings are overridden or set back to default during a Firmware update? Which are being preserved?

A proper firmware how-to page would be useful indeed. However, the current page is intentionally just about where to find it. But of course we can incorporate that as a sub-section in the overall how-to eventually

Yes, that will of course remain a part of it. If people often search just for that, we can leave is a dedicated topic and simply add all the rest around it.