When do you need to balance charge?

What is a safe difference in cell voltages before needing to balance them?

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Back when i was monitoring cbxr and stock values on the FM boards, i would notice a .02v difference as being okay and the bms/controller would handle the difference fine.
If at rest and my cells were showing anything more than that, in particular 1 cell only, being off by more than .04V id be balancing asap hoping that was the only issue and not a dead cell or solder on the cell issue.

Okay, thanks for the info. My pack has a .018v difference right now. I’m waiting on a replacement XLITE, so I can’t balance at the moment. Just wondering if it’s safe to keep charging for a week or two.

. 018 or .18? Ive yet to see any read out read to 3 decimals if its 0.18V difference inwould stop charging and riding on that pack.