Wheelslip behavior

Floatpackage Wheelslip and Bonks Handling

How do we behave during jumps and wheelslip?

Here’s how I’ve treated the wheelslip situation once I introduced wheelslip detection: rather than let ATR go crazy in trying to lower or raise the setpoint due to ultra fast wheelspin - I figured the safest thing to do would be to not mess with the setpoint.

The second iteration slowly decreased the absolute value of the setpoint, so that if you fly long enough you’ll land with the setpoint at zero.

The main rationale for this logic is that we can’t predict whether your jump is a massive uphill bonk or whether it’s a drop, since we have no idea what the angle of the landing is going to be.

This seems to be the best compromise we can come up with.

Only a remote will let you land with a non-zero degree setpoint

Note: Constant and Variable Tiltback will remain in place.


“VESC bonks are more predictable, that’s the easiest way to put it” - Nico Aleman

“Bonking” between fm & VESC boards ( especially the GTS is much different feel… my opinion is, FM boards don’t handle it right… muscle memory can make it work… where it won’t work is when we get into flips… like rich flip, big spins and such…” - Onewheel Soulrider

“I guess it’s about a consist feel I don’t like with the GTS … I feel the nose lift is another added factor I don’t want to manage? TheFM lift changes based on a factors like shape and how hard to hit it the jump/bonk . My bonks on VESC feel rock solid and effortless… I feel like I’m riding a bull on the GTS” - Onewheel Soulrider

“The moment I switched to VESC, even back on the 5.3 Balance App, bonks were immediately significantly better than XR. And bonks were like, my thing on XR lol. All my muscle memory transfered over, but with significantly less tail drag on average, implying to me that it was basically more forgiving. You can bonk without tail drag on FM boards of course, just much tighter margin for error.” - Nico

Traction Control

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