What setting controls how much regeneration current is sent to the battery?

I am using the little focer v3.1. I assume it is still regenerating the battery when braking. Is there a setting that restricts the maximum current to the battery?

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negative amps max, any pack supporting enough discharge should not get too hot.

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One thing you need to understand is that you cannot limit regen current without also limiting downhill/braking ability. They go hand in hand. A regen current limit of -30A for the battery should be fine, for the motor you want -100A or more depending on your weight. Otherwise you risk taildrags.

Also, batteries can handle temporary high regen currents, even if they’re way above the charge current limits. Obviously it contributes to premature aging, but this is one reason why Onewheel batteries age faster than other batteries. That’s just unavoidable. Your safety is more important than battery longevity


Thank you for the explanation. I couldn’t understand the discrepancy between the recommended charge limits for the batteries and the regen current limit. I figured there must be some other limit but it makes sense that that is just the way BLDC regen works. I do a lot of 1000ft+ descents. Want to make sure I’m setting the right limits.

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Setting -100A braking amps just mean you will have stopping power when you need it, it will most of the time be totally reasonable temp charge current like 20A

If you can actually overheat your battery purely on charging amps you must be doing the most gnarly downhill trail I would have to see that!

Yes, that makes sense. The trails I ride tend to be pretty extreme. I explore national forests in the western states. Lots of ATV trails and the like. Just for some reference this is a hill at the start of a local trail. I use the ascent to test thermals. It is loose gravel. The stock +XR controller is close to the limit by the top.

And here is something I’ve done on the more extreme end. Basically descending a mountain. Also loose gravel.

For the first one I’m not worried but for the second one I might add some temperature sensors to better understand what I’m doing to the batteries. I am doubting it will be an issue based on your answers and my experience on the onewheel controller, but can’t be too careful when it comes to DIY.

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if the stock XR battery can survive those downhills, then any molicel pack will handle it with ease

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