Warning on ruining your VESC when trying crazy things!

I have FOCed a few controllers to various degrees.
Usually with water or bad settings.

There are ways to forsee a bad situation if you are careful.

I have noticed the two times Little FOCer controllers have failed catastrophic they had highly unusual behavior moments before.

Strange humming or motor locking up that appears suddenly when controller may be affected by an external factor.

Getting tons of unknown motor faults and trying to adjust motor settings higher is also not advisable.

We can collect info in this thread. Hopefully it stays on topic so as many people as possible can see.

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Care to elaborate on setting motor settings higher? Are you referring to raising the motor current value? And if so, when did you begin facing issues? I know the Little FOCer v3 is rated for 250A, were you raising the max values too close to this, causing the absolute max fault of 250A to trigger in spikes, or maybe you even raised the fault so that it would not shut down in this scenario? Just trying to get a better understanding, as I had planned on experimenting with motor current a bit beyond my current settings of 140A max

Don’t you also want to mention the weird shit you were doing prior to this happening??

The key takeaway is:
If you don’t know what you’re doing, don’t just try random changes in the motor config. Follow instructions and only change those parameters you fully understand. If you’re not sure, ask


If you aren’t currently having any ABS errors then yeah feel free max all the settings out.

Not trying to fearmonger burning your setup out but there are things that definitely can be stopped before they result in it.

Ahh gotcha, didn’t realize you meant getting faults, and then continuing to push things higher lol

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Sure I can be more upfront about my roles in it.

My reasoning for not bringing my mistakes out in the forefront is wanting people to watch out for the behavior from the board when that bad stuff is actually catching up with someone. Talking big on prevention in this thread could be messy but work fine.

Could have titled that better and no avoiding sharing specific mistakes on this topic.