VESC XML Files Explained

What are they?

All your settings can be saved in 3 XML files:

  • motor configuration XML (everything related to basic motor setup)
  • app configuration XML (mainly IMU for us now)
  • package configuration XML (float/refloat package settings)


Note: VESC Tool has dedicated backup/restore buttons (or menu entries on PC) you should use before/after upgrading firmware or package

How to save / send them


To save an XML file, you can find save option in the “…” menu of each category (Float/Motor/App CFG) on your phone. Make sure you figure out how to save/locate those files on your phone (iOS / Android).

NOTE: Make sure the file name ends in “.xml” (e.g. “config.xml”), or it may fail to save correctly. If it still fails to save, try a different directory, or create a new folder to save the file in.


Motor and App Cfg have a “Save to XML” option in the File menu of the Menu Bar (typically top left of window).
For the package config there’s a setup of buttons at the bottom of the screen when you’re in the “Refloat Cfg” or “Float Cfg” section.