VESC unbalanced Current and High offset current fault

I’m Developing my custom VESC hardware based on VESC 75V/300A Schematics, This is my first-time experience doing this.

  • I have assembled the board and burned the Firmware 75_300, and while performing the Initial test.

  • From the test I noticed the UNBALANCED_CURRENTS fault and HIGH_OFFSET_CURRENT_SENSOR fault code, the issue I have seen is that the current sensors are heating up.

  • The entire hardware is made of two boards, the first board holds the Mosfet, NTC temperature sensor, and Shunt Resistor, and the second board has the remaining hardware.

  • when I test the 2nd board it doesn’t have any issues, but when I connect with the first board there I have the issue the INA240A3d Current Amplifier ICs are heating up.

  • It’s the same schematics I have implemented, but I couldn’t figure out what the issue was and a way to rectify them. In the Image U5 is INA240A3D (Current Amplifier), and U18, U15 are Analog Switch.

Could someone help me with this?