VESC Orientation in IMU Accel Config

Hey all so my board still shoots off after multi attempts even with good motor.
when following SurfDado’s video for imu tuning again, i noticed my VESC orientation when laying on its rails are 90deg rotated from DADO’s image. could this be why my board still shoots off?
My side rail VESC orientation:

My flat level orientation:

surfdado’s side rail orientation:

look at the RPY tab, focus on Roll and Pitch.

If your calibration is correct then lifting the nose should only change pitch, not roll - if it’s reversed you may need to recalibrate your IMU with a 90 degree yaw offset. Then don’t forget to apply AND also write the app config. Then look at RPY again

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Bingo, the newer 3.1 makers kit need either a 90 or -90deg offset adjustment.
Thanks all