Values used to make a working VESC onewheel

Does anyone have the values needed to get board to work properly, LilFocer3.1, Straight Rails, with Stock FM battery. VESCtool 6.0

SurfDado did a good video 5-6 months ago but the app isn’t the same since the updates.

Any good resources where I can get details on the IMU calibration and how to fix it?

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Motor config will follow same process as before, any fairly recent guides from the past few months or even further out should suffice.

IMU Wizard is brand new and as of now, there are no guides available. It walks you through the process and should be mostly understandable as long as you read carefully. Make sure Yaw Offset in the Orientation step registers as +/- 90° or 270° if you have a FOCer v3.1.

The only step of the IMU Wizard that may be difficult for some to understand is accelerometer, and you can get away with skipping this one in the meantime if this is the case. Not ideal, but many people ride without this step just fine. I hope to make a guide myself soon, but only so much time in a day.

Outside of those, all you should have to do is install the Float Package from the packages tab. This comes with usable default values, so no worries there, should be pretty straight forward.

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I managed to get it working, I think I may have messed up on last step previously where it says 45° angle this you just set your board down as it would normally sit, the other settings i did while it was sitting level. Anyways got it working so pretty stoked! Thanks a lot, will see what I can do to help make things easier but leave the country in about 2-3 weeks