Undersized battery - how high of duty cycle can I ride to?

This might be a dumb question, but thought I’d ask before I go nosedive.

My DIY board is running a 13s1p p42a pack, which I’ve current limited in vesc tool to 30A. However, my motor says it can go up to 50-something amps of current from the FOC setup (it’s an Ali Express hub motor - don’t panic if that’s way different than a hypercore), and 30 < 50, so what happens when I push the board into the 60%+ duty cycle range? Should I be setting motor current to 30A as well to be safe?

Given I haven’t seen any warnings that that ends up with you on the ground, I’m guessing duty cycle isn’t simply Current / Motor Current Max, but ends up being a bit more complicated so that regardless of pack ampacity, you can go all the way up to 95% (but obviously shouldn’t / should have warnings way before then)?

An Update!

I re-watched the surfdado video on VESC settings, and it’s normal for battery current to be far below motor current (which implies I should be fine above 60% duty cycle). Awesome!

I also had a nosedive going uphill (which I ran out luckily), and the two messages when I dove were:

Tiltback active
Wheelslip detected

And it was right when I hit ~50A, so I’m guessing I just hit my motor current max, and it cut out. Not sure I love that behaviour (that it just cuts out without warning, no fault code or anything), but I upped motor current to 100A, which should give me a lot more headroom for now.