Trouble uploading firmware, little focer v3.1

I have been trying to upload 5.3.006 to my new little focer v3.1. I have followed the surfdado and makerspev guides. I was not able to get the focer to connect via usb. I tried two computers. I was able to connect via wireless bridge and tried uploaded the firmware that way. It seemed to be working but I am not able to verify the 13-20us loop time in the RT data. My display looks totally different. I assume it is just not applying the new firmware. I tried multiple times. No faults. I am using vesc tools 3.01. Here is my RT data. I appreciate any feedback. I might try flashing it with ST link next.

To see the final screen in RT Data with Loop Time, your App to Use (App CFG → General) must be set to Balance, not UART. Make sure you write the change, and make sure you’re changing App to Use, and not just switching the tabs from General to Balance haha