Tronic 250R FW: v6.2 and getting accurate T Mos / ESC temp values?

T mos / ESC temp way off (saying -15 C; ;should be about 24C) ; Tronic 250R - FW v6.2, Ennoid Xlite V3 FW v6.1 BETA3 and Superflux. Can’t seem to find a way to reconfigure / modify. Any ideas?

Also, anyone using a newer version of the Ennoid BMS FW? Didn’t see a newer version on the product website.

Note: Very easy use indoors the Fets did show a slow increase up to -12C in 1 min. Since I can’t find a Toffset or variable to edit feels like this should just work and I’m facing a hw issue or a fw: bug. Or maybe I just missed it. I don’t know.