Trampa 100/250 switch operation without anti-spark idea

I have a Trampa 100/250 VESC and it recommends in its wiring an anti-spark switch.

These seem rather hard (i.e., impossible) to come by for 100V and any amperage that I’ve found.

I have the idea to use a latching power button to wake/sleep the VESC using the power button


I will include an external port for an anti-spark XT90 loop on the outside for long shutdown, safety cutoff and precharge (and fool/thief proof) startup.
That seems to me to get me away from needing an unavailable but otherwise expensive, heat generating, and space taking anti-spark switch.

The downside I had before was that it wont have simple switch operation, but here, in fact, it will.

I’d appreciate any one lending their evaluation of this logic.


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This is the route I’m taking for my little focer build. I am replacing the charge port with an XT90E-M. The female XT90S just barely fits through the hole in the rail. I’m setting the E-M back into the control box and adding a string to the S so I can pull it out. Seems like it will work pretty well.

I can’t speak to how effective it is compared to a true antispark switch though. I know other people operate this way though.

Most of our VESCs are operated that way, I see no problem with that

I know this is late, but thanks.