Traction Control

Is it possible to set a max acceleration? It would prevent some issues when doing drops or tricks where the wheel can free-spin, and might even help in mud. Basically this would reduce motor amps when actual acceleration exceeds the max plausible acceleration when the wheel is engaging the ground with a rider. Could also check motor load and limit accel completely if load is low enough to be free spin. Any downside to this? When would you actually want the board to accelerate from 0-30 in 1 second? Or from 10 to 15 in 0.1s? Maybe going slow off a big drop onto a ramp? I think in most cases it would be helpful to have the wheel simply maintain current speed when going off drops.

Traction Control is on my todo list, but it’s a lot easier said than done. I still need to collect more real-life acceleration data in order to ensure that I don’t slow down the wheel when you don’t want me to.

I’ve already eaten shit more than once trying to implement this.

Example: you go down a short steep ramp (e.g. 3 foot high quarter pipe). Acceleration can be extremely high here yet we wouldn’t want to flag this as wheelslip, would we?

Will adjusting field weakening help with this matter?

OK I see the problem. Maximum would be 9.8 m/s^2 if you’re falling straight down so that’s already pretty darn close to free spin acceleration. Would be very tricky to know for sure it’s a wheelslip.

Now, we do happen to have an acclerometer on board - we should be able to see the 1g in vertical acceleration if it really is a drop vs a bonk or sloppy curb nudge… but that does add an additional level of complexity of course

You’re also using the gyro right? accelerometer + gyro?