TORqueBox - Extended Range Battery Box for Onewheel XR

Recommended Battery configurations:
@badgerwheel ?

Compatible battery products for sale or trusted vendors that can build a battery to fit this box:

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I saw people grinding down bang bumpers on the chats recently. Can BANGs be dremel’ed down to work with this box?

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The Box size was designed for the TORque Pack, which is a 19S2P with 21700 cells. Chi was the only one marketing VESC batteries (CBCSO and TORqu Pack) and neither are not currently being made. I assume Chi is holding out for a more relyable BMS. Your only high voltage battery options are with a custom batttery builder like Indy Speed.


Dave, it can be done… I have modified Bang with the TORque box and Dremmel with a router bit worked best.

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Thanks on both @Soulrider ! Sounds like the community would generally vouch for quality control, etc for Indy Speed? And sounds like there maybe chi has become questionable, at least for VESC packs?

I can’t personally comment about Chi since all my CBXR batteries performed as expected. I had Indy build my VESC 1p 84V 21700 battery and my experience was great. I know a few others that have had positive experiences. I would recommend them.

@Soulrider , do you have any instructions on where to mill down the BANGS, i remember seeing a tip months ago but cant find that link anymore.

Watching this thread.

Can anyone dm instructions on where to dremel out Bangs to fit?