Tight left turn shuts off motor

Built a board with mostly fungineer parts (motor, rails, batterybox, bms etc) and a little focer 3.1 brain. Board is riding great except one strange issue, when I make a really tight left turn (so tight it can only be done at low low speeds, at least by me) the motor turns off.
At first it happened a couple of times, randomly I thought but with some testing I have been able to replicate it consistently by doing a tight left turn.
I have not messed with the stop, angle settings they are at stock values.
Recorded a logfile and have looked trough it but I don’t really know what I’m looking for.

My first guess is that you are coming off the sensor. When this happens, look at your your ADC voltages, if they are both 0 or if you spend too much time with only one of them engaged at a low enough speed, then the board will think you are trying to disengage. I could do this easily with my Halo foot pads. On a left turn, my heal would ride the outside of the footpad and the rest of my foot would spend enough time completely off the sensor that the board would cut out. If this is what is happening, just try to be conscious of your front foot and push the ball of your foot into the sensor when making a hard left.

I recently upgraded Kush Hi foot pads for this but mostly other reasons. I was thoughtful of this issue, though, when I installed the sensor.

I had that problem on my first XR board and solved it by posi modding the footpad. Im so used to this now so enabled the posi option in the floatpackage almost right away with this new board.
So I dont think this is my problem, but will test some more with your suggestions to be sure.

I have tested what you suggested @biell and can confirm with different foot placement the issue is not happening. Thank you!
I have a bad habit of wanting to place my foot diagonally on the footpad since I have large feet, so straightening out the foot fixed it.

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I had the exact same problem on my board. It’s the footpad sensor from Fungineers doesn’t match up with the little f***er. You have to switch two wires on ADC 1and ADC 2on the plug-in.

@tylerjet Why would switching the wires solve anything? If the wires where wrong from the start wouldn’t that make the pad non functional?

I thought my issue was fixed by placing my foot slightly different but yesterday I had the motor dissengage again during a left turn.
Have tested some more and found out I can make it dissengage if I lift up front part of my foot, like a reverse heal lift. This is even though I have POSI turned on in the settings.

When your foot is on both the board is on, but if your foot comes off either side a little it will cut off instead of reading half.

Direct from Fungineers,
James awesome build!
The little focer has a different pinout than our stompies. Our stompies are adc1 - 3.3v - adc2 and the focer is 3.3v - adc2 - adc2.

So you would have to carefully take out one pin from the jst connector (the middle) and swap it with the first pin on the jst.

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@tylerjet I had not done this, so tried it now and it seams to have solved the issue reliably. Thank you!