The VESC Odometer

Can my VESC board remember my mileage?


How do I enable it?

With Float Package v0.8 or newer it gets stored automatically, no need to enable anything.
BUT: Read “how does it work”

How does it work?

The Float Package will save your odometer exactly 10 seconds after disengaging your board, provided you’ve gone more than 100 meters since the last save.

So if you have the habit of turning off your board immediately after stepping off, then your odometer won’t be saved.

Why does it not save all the time?

The EEPROM used has limited writes, if it saved every second you could hit that limit in 1 day and break your EEPROM.

How is it really supposed to work?

VESCs with a momentary power switch and auto-shutdown capability (e.g. Trampa MK IV+) will save the odometer as part of the shutdown procedure.

However, most VESCs used in Onewheels currently don’t have that feature, so a workaround is needed, which is what the Float Package provides.