Tail drag and duty cycle tiltback when hard braking

Im hoping someone has encountered this issue…

I VESC’ed by Pint with a 75V 100A single ESC single ubox.

I’m experiencing motor disengagement and subsequently tail drag when braking aggressively at speeds around 12mph, The Float control app states its a duty cycle threshold breach…Mine is set at 95% of -150amps braking current - seems to be the standard setting for most boards.

OFTEN however the tail will drop when braking from 12mph without any alert by the app.

Ive tried adjusting the duty cycle, the max braking current, assured the foot sensor is working as it should, its not overvolting. Im just at a loss…

Maybe Im expecting too much from the set up? These disengagements/tail drags result in a total loss of control and a few hard crashes.

What tune are you riding?

Aggr 0, boost 0, carve 6, brk tilt off, atr 5.

Basically the default settings.