Superflux HT - Best Field Weakening settings

Hello guys

I would like to get the most out of my SF HT motor without pushing it to the point of breaking something or falling.
I currently have my settings at 30A current max and 60% Duty start.

I’ve noticed that some people have theirs higher, hoping someone can give me a sweet spot where I can safely get the most topspeed.

Am running an 19s2p 50s battery pack

Grain of salt, but if I was running that setup personally, I’d go with 40A FW Current, 60% Duty Start, and 500ms. I go 45A FW on my racing setup with a 19s P42A battery, but the 50s has a lower continuous discharge rate, so I’d personally go a bit easier on it. Again, grain of salt, not a specifically informed suggestion, just what I would go with based on my own knowledge and intuition.

Thanks Nico, appreciate it