Stock 5.3 firmware - cant accelerate very quickly

So here is a video of my first day testing and how the board performed with the following settings. Braking/slashes and 10-12mph felt pretty good on the trail but I could not accelerate very fast at all. What should I try next?

If you’re using the vesc man settings it should be pretty punchy. Instead of trying to load the configuration file I had the image of all the settings brought up on one screen and then the tool loaded on another screen and just went section by sections. It works quite well after that so I would go back through your settings.

thanks @digitaldave303 , I will try to get screenshots of my settings and upload them. Also thinking I should move this to the troubleshooting category so I am going to do that.

Did you already run motor detection? After motor detection you need to change some of the resulting values:

FOC - Observer gain: 0.7 (half of the actual value)

Motor Current: 120/-120 max 180V

Motor Voltage: start 35V, cut off 30V (stock battery)

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Just noticed this one - is this a problem on bumpy terrain only? My guess is you can accelerate just fine on smooth roads, right?

I had observer gain at .75 and motor currents as specified. Did motor detection, my voltage settings were much higher it looks like. I have it parted out right now but have everything I need to put it back together soon. Here are some of the screenshots of my settings.

@surfdado it’s ok it’s been parted out for over a month. No, the saggy feeling or lack of acceleration happens on smooth and bumpy terrain. Uphill sucks. Feels kind of like a low battery plus, just low torque all around. Hoping your fw would fix it, will try getting your latest loaded as soon as I put it back together.

new firmware will not fix it - you must have some very basic issue. I suggest comparing your XML files against known good ones

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you didn’t actually show your motor currents - the defaults from the wizard are not sufficient, see Hannes’ suggested 120A above

The battery voltage cutoff start at 51V will reduce your power and the battery will cutoif at 45V. You will never get a low voltage tiltback with this settings. Change this to the values I mentioned above


Awesome, I will try it. Thanks @vescmann !!!

motor currents are correct, sorry I missed that one.