Speed, ERPM, & Duty Cycle show negative values on the RT data screens

This condition can occur if you have your yaw and motor direction set incorrectly. The board will balance and ride in the desired direction as normal, but the RT data will report negative values for ERPM, Speed, and Duty Cycle.

This is reproduceable by setting Accelerometer Yaw Offset under the IMU configuration to 180 and the Motor Direction was set to Inverted. If you are experiencing the issue, you likely have this configuration.

Changing the Accelerometer Yaw Offset back to 0, and the motor direction back to normal corrects the issue.

Example of the issue:

How to fix this

flip your motor direction (in Motor General-General)

and also flip your IMU yaw rotation, i.e. either

0 <=> 180 (e.g. LFOCv3)

90 <=> -90 (e.g. LFOCv3.1)

It is crucial you flip both (motor and IMU) or else your board will shoot out from under you…

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Tune modifiers & tiltback should work fine regardless of direction.

*turntilt has a bug where it is directional, but thats a bug in turntilt.

Thank you for the reply, but that is not what this post is referring too.
If ERPM and Duty Cycle are showing incorrect values in the negative, they will never activate the triggers in the tune modifiers. In my case, that is what was happing. if ERPM reads -290, that will not trigger tiltback set at 3000 ERPM.

would you mind please deleting your post to help keep this on track?

I’ve updated the original post to have an example.

Are you referring to the nose angling modifier? That might be another bug, I’ll have to take a closer look at it. Just reading the code I think dado’s variable tiltback should work correctly but the constant tiltback might be borked.

FWIW: All tiltback settings are (or should be) based off of absolute ERPM values, so the inverted direction shouldn’t matter, because by design they should be bidirectional. If you find that a certain tiltback doesn’t work as intended while riding backwards then this should be reported as a bug

Alright, i’ve removed all references to the tune modifiers. If it is a bug it isn’t one that is worth the time to diagnose since the condition can be corrected by changing the offsets anyway.

your post was bang on in regards to negative speeds and duty cycels. gyro z offet to Zero and false for motor inversion corrects the negative speed issue for me.