Should i change down to 5.3?

I’m having an issue when I go from forward backward primarily when I’m vescmans, trick, tunr. The board feels like it’s a teeter totter almost like how elevated on Future motion controller feels like as far as when you go from forward to back the nose or tail jumps up real high, and the other one goes low. It feels really unstable like this. But I’m pretty much looking for is mission, but without the effect of the tail dropping when you spin or really the tail dropping at all when you’re doing tricks, and that slow speed maneuverability that you don’t have an hour of regular Onewheel, so if anyone can help with this, it’s kind of a huge problem because I don’t have confidence in my board right now which means I can’t even do the tricks right normally do let alone do new tricks which is why I got this thing so I can take my truck game to the next level, I’ll help would be appreciated. Yes I’ve run my I am you it’s calibrated right emotes calibrated right in the board runs fine. It just isn’t there and I don’t wanna do anything to mess it up since I don’t. I understand all the things I just don’t know how they all work together. Thanks.

I dropped my mahohy value to 1.5-2 from 2.5 around 1.8-9 seems to be right about where i want it