RT Data synced to VESC Race Runs (Nose Drifting Evidence)

Just wanted to share an extra version of my Floatucky Trail Derby Finals runs where all of the RT Data from the main screen is visible along with my POV, for reference if it helps with any research pertaining to hard trail riding at speed. I open it with two sideline shots synced with RT Data, where my nose setpoint is visibly drifting lower to the point of actually nose dragging, despite reading nose high in RT Data.

For reference, this was done on an 84V CBCSO battery, using my published Tune Card with some tweaks. Bump Comp was strengthened to 1.5 vs. 0.5. For Time Trials, I raised the Variable Tilt max angle to 1.5°. For Head-to-Head’s, my Mahony KP was lowered to 1.9. I am a 105lbs rider, and running WTF Rails with a .4" lift, with the IMU calibrated to run symmetrically (à la Tilt Kit).

Finals Runs w/ RT Data: Floatucky Trail Derby Finals | FULL VESC RT DATA - YouTube

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