Request: No BMS Wire Diagram

Hi all, I have a spintend Ubox in working order with a quart battery but no working bms. I was wondering if a wiring diagram has been made for connecting the charger port to the battery/vesc without a bms?


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there’s really no need for a diagram - connect all the reds and connect all the blacks and you’re done.

  • Battery red / positive goes to VESC red/pos and to charger red/pos.
  • Batter black / negative goes to VESC black and to charger black/negative.

@surfdado do you have a wiring diagram to correctly wire up diodes to the charge port on a BMS-less configuration to eliminate a hot charging port since ZBMS is not available for the time being? I plan to run BMS-less until the ZBMS becomes available again and will wire up a charge-only battery harness to which I already have 1 16-pin Molex Male power connector configured for.

This is obviously just a temporary setup, I recommend you just go without a diode and just remember to use a charge port plug. That’s what I do

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And don’t let anyone stick a knife or a quarter into the charge port :wink:

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Thanks! I had my roommate do that once on a scooter attempting to remove a charge port cover with pliers and shorted the bms. A $700.00 mistake to replace entire battery with BMS.