Pulldown resistor

Hi, I’m having some minor problems with a footpad i made, using copper tape and velostat, at rest it is around 2.5-2.8V on both ADC1 and ADC1
And in cold weather i have experienced ghosting (i was prepared, so nothing bad happened)

So i want to add a pulldown resistor, but how many Kohm? From my searches i find values from 1Kohm to 4.7Kohm, but it isn’t clear if they are talking about a VESC with buildin resistors or not

I have a LFOC 3.1, so it already has 10Kohm resistor build in

ATM i use the fungineers stompies, and it seems to rest around 0.8V on both, and works perfectly, and is very reliable, but I’d like to experiment with different shapes of footpads and would prefer not to having to dismantle a working footpad to try some experiments

I doubt that a pulldown will help in your case. But if you want to jerry-rig your setup then you need a very small pulldown, like 100Ohm and try again.

But still your signal to noise ratio is just too low, you will always have problems either with engagement, or with ghosting - or both.

Best bet would be to redo your footpad

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Ok, i won’t bother then

If i redo it all and has the same result, then i assume i have to get some other kind of velostat?..i just purchased a sheet on ebay not thinking to much about if there was different kinds