Power button very dim - or where to get a better one?


this is my first post here so a short intro might be in place. I am an electrical engineer but mostly work with software development. Electronics though has become a fun hobby. Two years ago me and some friends built us some electronic surfboards based on VESC. This was my first attempts with VESC and was impressed by it.

Some years ago I had the opportunity to try a OneWheel. Great fun but a bit to pricy for the amount of time I think I will use it. But last summer a saw an ad for a broken Onewheel XR for some cheap money. Great opportunity for a new electronics hobby project!

After some troubleshooting the broken OneWheel I realised the battery was good but not the electronics and once more a great opportunity for a VESC project! In my research I found Leons Youtube video where he VESCs a XR with a UBox Spinted 80V https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qIPj5jP04jA What I liked was that it did not need much changes of the onewheel and decently priced VESC too. A good start for VESCing and once I learnt more I can change components to more beefier etc.

So now to the problem. In his video Leon says you can replace the power button with any 19mm latching power button. From a switch perspective that is true. But not from a LED perspective I just learnt :slight_smile: I bought this switch and it works great to turn on and off the board but once on the LED is really dim.

Found which says the LED driver is 3.3V with internal 220Ohm resistor. Before connecting my switch to the UBox I measured the LED in it. With 5V applied it draws about 1.2mA. So I guess the switch also has some resistor built in which of course was not described on Amazon. But that should definitely describe the very dim light when it is power on.

So any ideas on how I can make this LED brighter easily or a suggestion for a latching 19mm button with a LED without a built-in resistor?

I bought a 12V led button as well and figured out it was very dim when powered from the power button connector. I ended up splitting off one of the 12V outputs to drive the button LED just to indicate on/off for the ubox. I later found and bought this 5V latching power button from AliExpress. I haven’t fully installed it as of yet because I’m still using the stock FM BMS with momentary button, but I have briefly tested it. The LEDs are much brighter powered from the power button connector, so when I swap to my flipski BMS I will be using that button.

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