Platysense shows both ADC1 and 2 and full 3v on startup. Once the board levels, it never is bale to turn off (ie. Ghosting central)

I know im a newb but does anyone have any experience with “ghosting” on a single sensor front footpad? I tried playing with ADC faults but nothing shuts the board off, not even pitch and roll fault parameters.

when the footpad isnt pressed… the voltage needs to be lower than your adc switch voltages which are usually set at 3v… if your footpads are showing 3+ volts when not pressed, you need to fix that.

pitch and roll and other parameters are moot until you fix the footpad behavior

generally, an unpressed footpad configured correctly will be detected as 0 volts… and when pressed the switch will start detecting voltage until it gets to max 3.3v. I have done builds with no pulldown resistors that unpressed sits at 1.5v and my swiotch voltage was at 2v and i never had issues.

if you are using a little focer, the pulldown resistor has already been added on board. if you are using a different ESC, then the problem is most likely that you need to add a pulldown resistor .

mitch goes into a lot of detail on how the switchpads should work. this video is probably your best resource to try to troubelshoot


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Thanks guys, ya turns out the new platysense stays stuck at 3V , swapped back to my stock with street shred overlays zero issues.

Matt at LandSurf confirmed i had V3 not V3.1, 3m1 solves all issues.